As individuals, we are in constant search and development. We change, our thoughts and values change and we shape our personality daily. You will hopefully discover not only a prominent evolution from one collection to another, but also a quiet manifesto of all the WOLF 25 pieces. The strongest details of your own personality, deeply searched inside, shaped in silver and so brought to light: unique, rough and beautiful. It is us who change and we have the jewelry to be reminded of the ones we become. You are to treasure them as extensions of your own personality, as pieces meant not only to complete you, but to make you stronger, clear your path to where you’re heading. You are to keep them as precious to your own being and for the ones you love. You are unique and sometimes rough but always beautiful.

As a designer, I create because I need to create. It is a magnificent self-discovery trip and I know it will last all my life. This is why I cannot give clear directions at the time being. I follow the instinct that lies within and the confidence that the end result will find its place in the world. I hope that work will tell me what it needs and that I will learn so much about me through creation, grateful to have always listened my inner voice.

Mihaela Pascu
Head Designer @ WOLF 25